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Event Honey Favors

Honey favors for special events are available to order.  Please review the bottling options in the pictures below. 


If you are interested in placing an order for event favors (please review the packaging options on the Honey Products page), please reach out to me via my Contact Jamie page - either call me or send an email using the Contact form.  

The following is a list of events that you could potentially place favor orders:


•  Weddings
•  Baby Showers
•  Special Dinners
•  Conferences

I will need at least a month lead time for custom-labeled favors.  The following are ideas for custom labeled favors:


  • Event-applicable sayings, such as "Meant to Bee” &/or the date &/or the couple names for wedding events.  

  • For conferences and dinners, date and name of the conference.

  • Specially colored caps and labels can be ordered for weddings, baby showers and any other events:

    • Wedding colors

    • Baby pink and blue for baby showers

2 ounce caps.webp

Cap colors - many colors to choose from!

Cap colors available - match your favor to your event colors!

2021 Honey Favors.jpg

All bottles hold under 4 ounces of extracted honey!

Examples of all available event bottling!  

2021 Special Event Favors.jpg

Baby blue and pink!

Examples of baby shower/birth event bottling! 

Note the custom labels!

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