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Businesses serving the 'good stuff'!

Stomping Grounds Café in Ames, Iowa


Stomping Grounds Café uses Beyer's Bees honey in several delightful concoctions.  Stop by to try one of this business's beverages made with our honey!  They are located at 303 Welch Avenue, Ames, Iowa, near Camputown!  In addition to the beverages noted below, tea can be served with Beyer's Bees honey, as well!

Stomping Grounds Angelle pouring a latte!honey in a Latte.jpg

Café Latte

Available in a small, medium or large serving - made with Beyer's Bee honey and a dash of cinnamon! Angelle is serving up an appetizing cup of latte! 

Stomping Grounds cup of latte

Bee Sting

Serving at the bar is the Stomping Grounds Bee Sting!  Mixed with Sauza Silver tequila, lemon, Beyer's Bees honey and jalapeño.  

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